Thursday, December 23, 2004


I forgot to blog yesterday :P

Was talkin to someone on the phone then I suddenly realized that it was too late to blog hehehe... GUess I enjoyed the conversation :P

As I said on a previous post I lost my keys. Of course I lost the keychain too. So I went to megamall to buy an anime looking keychain hehe. But I guess I got distracted by the arcade games on the way hehe. I played Initial D Version 3 and Dance Maniax ahaha Miss ko na yung mga games na yun.

Then went to powerbooks and bought By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coehlo. Gift ko siya for my mom pero dahil nabasa na niya ako muna ang babasa hehehe. I also bought World's Greatest Blunders ahaha sayang walang World's Greatest Royal Scandals bibigay ko sana sa friend ko :P

Then went home ahaha.. Tapos yun nga yung mahabang conversation :)

Today, nothing really happened, woke up a bit too early for my liking, Been stuck on the computer chatting, downloading songs and playing NBA Liv 2005 oh well I really need a new game.

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