Friday, May 14, 2004


Its 6:56 am and I still have no sleep...

Yesterday I went to Lsgh to do some yearbook stuff, to be honest I wasnt really able to do much because of this damn right ear. It really was hurting me.

I bought the Initial D: Mountain Vengeance game. Well the game sucks, The controls re so crappy and you cant really drive well. Imagine including a drift button in the keyboard. And expecting you to use it during turns or else you wont be able to make it. This sucks since even if you are moving slowly you would still hit the guard rail if you dont do the drift button. And well Damn drifts are supposed to be done manually hehe.

Chatted wth Patchoi, a chat friend from st scho talked about a lot of things especially chinitas haha, well i was very hyper during the conversation, Im still expecting the gal. patchoi hehe

Oh well its now 7:00 am i think its just an hour or so til the lakers - spurs game, hehe of course im a lakers fan so GO LAKERS, but tony parker is really great.

Well I was supposed to stop there but then winamp plays a song and a line from it caught my attention. This line comes from the song Fly Me to The Moon and Back from the initial d soundtrack:
"I wanna share this beautiful moment, so c'mon baby tell me you're free tonight"
Well i guess i can relate to it a bit, hehe especially after the patchoi conversation, Kinda got me thinkin about why i never had someone to share my beautiful moments with. Hehe well though one might argue that friends are there, i guess its very different when you share them with someone special...

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