Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Another boring day darn...

I have an ear ache, for some reason my right ear hurts. Hehe damn .

Spent the whole day downloading japanese, korean and chinese songs. Im quite amazed that i listen to a lot of these types of songs even if i dont understand them. I guess I just like the melody and the rhythm of these songs.

Im also really taking full advantage of my unlimited isp connection. sure it's a crappy dial up but its still unlimited so it enables me to download lots of songs without the worry of me wasting my internet connection just because of downloads. The drawbacks of this kind of connection are that its kinda slow and that it automatically disconnects after 5 hours, but still hehe im making full use of it.

found a line from a forums site, its one of the signatures of one of the posters, it goes:
Unsung Melody: Sometimes it's what you dont hear that counts...

wow, for some i really like that line...

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