Sunday, May 30, 2004

6A the reunion...

Had a very boring day at the start but things got a little bit better in the afternoon.

WEll the 6a people of lsgh batch 2000 had a little reunion in the afternoon. It was kinda fun to see a lot of my former classmates there. Although some did not really change that much. Hehe

I had to thank powee for fetching me and also driving me home. At first I was not really supposed to go but powee kindly offered to take me there and bring me home.

I guess the reunion is another bittersweet memory for me. It was kinda fun reminiscin about some of the days when i was still very young, but it was also a reminder for me that we are now living lives that are separated by our school choices... Its not as east as going from classroom to classroom now, or waiting for recess and lunch to be able to be with them. Being with them now means careful scheduling of activities because of the different and conflicting schedules of our college lives.

Thought for the day:
May I please fall in love with you?...

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