Sunday, May 16, 2004

Longest Day...

I was up till 7 am saturday.

I wasnt able to sleep because of my right ear. I guess I finally realized what the meaning of writhing in pain is. My right ear was so painful i was squirming and gnashing my teeth so hard. I was already experiencing the pain starting 1 am and well the hours that passed seemed so long...

Well when I think about it, a short moment can actually be quite long, especially in a basketball game. Hehe Derek Fisher was able to make a turnaround fade away jumpshot with 0.4 seconds left on the clock hehe. That's an amazing shot that I probably wont forget in my life time.

Since we're on the topic here are some other amazing last second three point shots that i won't forget:
1. Bal David's Desperation three pointer from halfcourt that went in just as the buzzer sounded making ginebra win against san miguel. - Im an SMB fan all the way but that shot was simply awesome.
2. Robert Horry's three pointer against the Sacramento Kings during the 4th game of the playoffs. A lucky play but a not a lucky shot. He was at the right place, at the right time.
3. Joseph Yeo's halfcourt shots. Hehe he does this so many times which is really great, makes me believe that he practices it. hehe even if im an atenean ANIMO LASALLE always...
4. Kenny Redfield's three pointer against Alaska, that one them the game.. It was a great shot with time running down, he's three pointer was somewhat of a fastbreak and he was leaning in, so it seemed that the three pointer came from the free throw area.
5. Kobe Bryant's three pointer against Portland that sent the game into overtime.This is one hell of a shot, he was being shadowed by Ruben Patterson, the self proclaimed "Kobe-Stopper", and well he wasnt able to stop that...
6. Kobe Bryant's three pointer against Portland that sent them to the top of the Pacific Conference.Another great shot, hehe over the great shot blocker Theo ratliff.

After Derek Fisher made that shot, he said something like guys dream about making shots like that while growing up... well to be honest i do too, I remember the times I wasted on the basketball court thinking about improbable situations and how I, the little 5'3 kid from LSGH (well ADMU now) would suddenly hit a game winner, send the crowd into a frenzy and jump with joy at the great thing that i have done...oh well.

I can dream can't I?

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