Thursday, May 27, 2004

Basketball, Block, and a Borderless world.

Went to lsgh to help in the distribution of yearbooks...

Well I wasn't really able to help much haha unless you count moral support as helping in a big way thhen that means I helped.

Played basektball with Pat and James, I was sucky in my free throw shooting but i was pretty much able to hold my own during the one on one against Pat, although i lost 21-19 it was a great game, and it did a lot of good for my confidence. The reason for the close score could be the fact that there was no three point arc making the match more of a driving game. Pat is one of the better long range shooters in our class but he wasnt able to use it here cause his long range points can be matched by a layup, hehe i was able to make good drives and some nice shots and moves but i ultimately lost to the better overall baller hehe... and i got cramps to boot wahahaha daym.

Then played some graduation hmm I had a pretty good touch during the game hitting four straight treys during one stretch but well the other players left cause they didnt really want to sweat that much. And probably because of the bothersome little kid.

I did play another one on one game though, this time with the kid half my age and half my size as well wahaha. He was kinda boastful during the graduation game so I took him up on his offer for one on one, i did give him good breaks on defense but well of course i didnt really give him that much of a chance when i played him on offense, using my height and speed (wow how often can i say that?) to defeat the little kid.

When i got home, i tried teaching some kid neighbors on how to dribble the basketball, then one of the kids got overconfident coz i praised him and challenged me to a stealing contest, hmm well he needs new slippers now coz I used every skill that i have against him wahahaha (and this was against a little kid man how rude of me, damn).

Blocks were released a while ago, im in a class of 30, 17 of them females and of course 13 males, hmm well I hope i make new friends among those, and find someone whom I can really get close with, I think it's kinda good to have someone who is gonna help you during the transition period from high school to college.

I typed Patricia Evangelista's speech in notepad. I got the copy from LIBRE when I rode the mrt one time but I left the page with Iking, and i was just able to get them back a while ago. I typed it even if i can easily find one on the internet and just copy and paste because it enabled me to understand her speech deeper (since i read it while typing) and make my typing skills a little bit better. Wow that gal can really do great speeches...

Thought for the day:
Yes, it is indeed a borderless world

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