Thursday, March 18, 2004

Thanksgiving party

Last practice day YEHEY!

We had our baccalaureate mass and recognition day in the morning, I was able to get three thingies, 2nd honors (expected, hehe i never get anything better). Deportment Award (but of course im angelic!), and LOyalty Award! (hail hail alma mater hail to de lasalle). After that we had our grad practice, hehe i guess it turned out pretty ok, even if i was already sleeping at some parts of it.

When night came, we had our teacher's thanksgiving party. I guess Im pretty lucky I was able to get 600 pesos worth of Smart Load hehe. damn, I really can't believe im about to leave the place where I felt truly at home. I think im really gonna miss high school (save for some persons hehe). I just hope the bonds of friendship that I had formed during these years would remain, or even get stronger.

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