Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Clean Up day

Nothing much happened today.

I just watched my sassy girl 3 straight times hehe. I couldnt use the computer since I was cleaning up. I did maintenance checks on the computer and well I was not able to do anything with the computer. Oh well

Watching the film it made me realize that i want to experience the thing they call love. hehe I guess the line from the film that goes "I want to meet a girl like those of the romantic comic books" is applicable to me. And I guess I want to experience the feeling of being in a car with the girl hugging you as you head for home...

I believe... When you are not with me there are no stars in the sky.
I believe... The way back to you will feel a little far.
I'll carry all those memories deep inside me.
I'll feel pain, it'll make tears fall.
- I Believe, OST My Sassy Girl

Fate is Building A Bridge of Chance for Someone you Love"
- my sassy girl

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