Wednesday, March 10, 2004

the fall out

Im pretty tired, I really need rest.

Tuesday Afternoon, I went to lsgh to meet up with some friends to go to the publishing office. We went and there I learned of ringo's overnight bday party. Then we went to the publishing thingie and after that I rushed home to get my things packed. I had a great time there. Great food, great drinks, great friends hehe. We played PS2 and basketball and of course no more sleep for me. I really had a great night, it strengthened the bonds of friendship aong the class, and It gave me the opportuniy to get to know better those who I am not really that close with.

The only sad thing about yesterday was when a problem was confirmed. My friend texted me about it and although I knew there was already a problem, I guess the text was something like a strong signal that it is true and not just something that you can just sleep over. Hehe can't really say much about the problem, the only thing that I can mention is that it's kinda hard to apologize to that person since she really didnt confront me about it. I guess she was kinda shy so she really couldn't tell me straight that something was wrong, oh well. I still dont know how to fix the problem but I will talk to her about it.

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