Monday, November 27, 2006

Daily Delight

Gertie (1996-2006)
Woof, woof woof.

Our dog died, It was weird seeing the dog dead, no more barks, whimpers, nothing just a body slumped over the pavement. 10 years is long for a dog I guess.

Her death placed some new perspectives in the way I view life...

1. That being a human in close proximity to me does not necessarily mean I'll have any compassion for you...

Cold as that sounds, it's true. There are people that I could think of right now who I wouldn't give a damn if they rolled over and died, However for our dog, it did touch me in a way where I was looking at her dead body remembering her. I guess this shows that it's not that I'm apathetic or cold or uncaring (because I did think about the dog) It's just that if I don't like a person then i don't.

2. I wanna die in a blaze of glory.

Di ko gustong higa, hingalo tapos patay lang. Siguro if I die, I would want it to happen while doing something I love doing.

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