Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daily Delight 1

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko gusto ang pagsulat ko dito sa creative journal na ito. Naniniwala akong paradox ang sabihing be honest to your creative self while impsoing (no matter how nicely imposed) us to write a 3 page long hand stuff in this journal. i also believe that writing here is killing the very essence of whatever creative juice I have in my body. You see, I believe that creativity is not something that is turned on and off, that its like a river, flowing continously, that thought should flow freely. However to tell us to write when it is not in our hearts to write (at least not for this moment) is similar to putting a dam into the river. Yes it could turn out helpful and perhaps it is for the best, however I think that it still impedes, destroys the river, that the flow's disruption makes the rive lose its enchanting luster. I am very much tempted to not write anything else in this fucked up idea of a creative journal, however I fear for my grade, and I fear that I would not be able to fulfill the requirements of the course.

I also think that this CJ is killing my blog. If I would spend time writing, I would rather do it on my blog than here. I communicate better in that blog instead of here (yes, it's the 1st entry but I know myself( . I do think that after writing the first 3 pages of this CJ, I would stop being very involved in it, and just write things that I want to write in my blog. Because in all reality, my blog is my creative journal. It is where I put myself in , it is where my creativity is, it is where I am in touch with th every essence of my soul, my mind and my heart.

is such a beautiful world,


I still hate you, but in a way you have helped me figure out a way to integrate the blog features of my multiply, friendster, myspace and others with my main blog. What I'm gonna do is still continue writing in my blog and then just write snippets, previews or other similar forms of teasers then just include the link and the title of the post of my other blogs.

So it would appear like this:

Title: Blah Blah
A post on blah Blah and blah to read more click (link to my blog)

So there, perhaps the CJ is not that stupid after all.

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