Friday, February 18, 2005

Flashback (part 2)

So eto ang part 2 ng flashback hehe damn, nagpile up na siya. I really need an unlimited card again ehehe.


Immediately after class went to Megamall to meet with Iking and play some Initial D. I made a new car (actually same but different color and different settings) and played until I reached a level that I can't beat (against keisuke takahashi) hehe well i guess i was playing for about an hour.

Then met up with iking for the Job interview. Turns out it was a networking thing. I guess I was kinda disappointed I was hoping it was something like a salescrew but oh well that's life.

Kinda proud of myself for sticking to the no meat fasting every Friday.
Kinda sad she wasn't able to call.

Final Day of insertion in Baseco.

We were tasked with cleaning Cement Bricks hehe. Hassle since some upperclassmen were not doing anything haha kakaasar. Haha kaaliw din na isang panandaliang buhos ng ulan lang at medyo wasted na yung paglilinis namin ahaha.

I guess I miss her so much ahaha napatawag tuloy ako kahit sa cel lang wahaha. It was short but uhm sweet. And I don't mind spending for another 23 minutes with her...

Was planning on hearing mass in Ali Mall, but then I can't understand the priest so I just left.

Played some games and wrote some stuff hehe. Ayos na.

Sun's 24/7 really helps when you miss someone hehehe.

(Last part: The d~valentines fair thingie tomorrow)

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