Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Hehe I guess I got pretty busy.

Well actually not really busy, but for some unknown reason there seems to be a shortage of unlimited prepaid cards here in cubao so I was forced to buy a 30 hour card hehe. So in a way, I guess I'm also conserving my card.

Ash Wednesday, heard my first ever mass at Gesu. Also the day of our Pe presentation. I guess we really sucked since we lacked preperation for it hehe Oh well. Next time I guess...

Math long test, kinda hard. I studied but I guess I failed it hehe ( no results up to now). well I did my best (but I guess my best wasn't good enough)

After the math test, I went to the table-tennis area to watch Vanjo and Euric play. Hehe I was able to play a game too. I'm not good at it (heck I don't know how to play) but after playing with Vanjo for a while, I guess I improved a bit.

Then shot some hoops with Vanjo. I was able to hit some 3s with the new shot release that I practiced hehe. I hope this good shooting touch stays.

Then filipino class, hehe I don't know, nothing really happened during this class (either that or I just can't remember today).

After Fil. Khristian, Chino and I went to play Ps2 at hobby stop. Hehe I played the most exciting game I've ever played in Nba live 2005 against Khsistian. I was using the rockets and he was using the suns. He had a four point lead with about 20 seconds to go. I called timeout, and fired a 3 point shot using Yao Ming hehe. It banked then went in and out and in. ehehe Then Juwan Howard was able to make a steal and hit a go ahead dunk hehe. After that T-Mac was able to make a steal and made a pass to Eric Piatkowski for a three which sealed the win.

After Hobby stop we went back to Ateneo for the Actm d~valentine meeting. Hmm it was ok, not that much problems hehe but it was still kinda stressful.

After that 3po. Nice play, nice videoke sections. And the girl who played Polly's kinda cute.

To be continued sa next post...

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