Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Hmm hehe actually nung minulat ko ang mata ko nung Linggo uhm medyo puro muta siya...
medyo naluluha luha kasi ako bago ako matulog. (sige fine aamin na umiiyak ako nun :P)

Hmm ewan, pero nung lumipas ang oras, nagkaroon ako ng mga realizations. Kaya ayun hehee napatigil ang kalungkutan at onti-onting napapalitan ng kaligayahan.

Conversation between Me and my inner voice:
mico(inner voice)

mico: psst gago bakit ba ang lungkot mo?
MICO: Eh kasi baka wala na eh, wala na yung kung ano man yun (hehe secret ko na yun)
mico: Isa ka pa lang hunghang!
MICO: Huwaat? How can you say that?
mico: eh hindi ba sinabi naman niya that She'll fight for her happiness (and she said that her happiness is you) at that She'll try to call you/talk with you everytime she can, and most important of all dude, she told you that she loves you...tapos para kang gago diyan.
MICO: Uhrmm...
mico: See? what are you so sad about then?
MICO: Onga no, hehe now that I think about it hehe I guess I shouldn't be sad...
mico: Hehe di ba? Just trust her, have faith in her and the things she said. Believe in the thing that binds the two of you (love perhaps?) then there are really no need for tears to fall...
MICO: I guess I just don't want to miss her...
mico: hmm, ok lang yan dude, understandable kung ganon lang hehe eto tissue :P

(hehe sometimes the voice inside me is really smarter)

Hehe wala lang I still miss her but I'm not lonely...

I guess it really is true when I say that when I think of her I get lonely but when I think of her again then I'm not so lonely anymore...
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