Monday, December 04, 2006

Casino Royale

I have another requirement for my Com class aside from the CJ, it's the artist date... yesterday I went with the family to Gateway to hear mass and eat. After eating, my dad and I decided to watch Casino Royale at the cinema. Now I know that the Artist date is supposed to be done alone but well while in the cinema and the movie was going on my dad and I did not interact with each other so i guess I could call that alone.

I really liked the opening video/introduction thingie, it was cool the way they used the suits of cards as different things from blood to bullets. Probably one of the best movie openings I've seen in a while.

The movie itself now... Well at first the guy didn't really seem Bond-ish to me ,he didn;t seem as suave or sleek as the same guy played by Pierce Brosnan. However when viewed in contrast with other Bonds (Sean connery and others) it seems that Pierce Brosnan is the odd one out. Perhpas its just that I got so used to the pierce brosnan bond that he got stuck as the 007 prototype (even the thomas crown affair seemed Bondish)

The famous bond girls were I guess sexy and pretty however they just don't seem to be my type haha. I guess it's just a matter of preference as I seem to gravitate more towards the fair skinned chinese types of girls (the closest bond girl to this was perhaps Michelle Yeoh)

A disappointment for me was the lack of gadgets in the movie. Well Sony had a lot of in move advertisements through the laptops and cell phones but other than that Bond seemed to lack some of the devices that used to be spy/agent staples.

A big addition to my enjoyment of the movie were the poker scenes, I used to frequent the site Triplejack to have my poker fix and it was quite interesting to think what I would have done had I been the one playing in the game in the movie. Now that I think about it, what about the people that don't enjoy poker?

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