Sunday, December 10, 2006

Artist Date#2: Singing in the rain

i went out to hear mass first, but i got tied up a bit and was too late for the mass. So i just went to the arcade and played my heart out... However, my body was still a bit sore from the workout last thursday, skating last firday, workout again yesterday, so iwasn;t really moving well in the dance maniax machine.

So I just ent out of the arcade and allowed my feet to take me where it wants to go, it led me to shopwise, so there I just put on my music player and went around the aisles without having any purpose, just enjoyin the airconditiong and my music.

As I got tired, I just picked up some snacks and headed for the register, After I paid and went out, I saw tat it was raining, However, I was not one who would waste time inside the store so I braved the rain.

While I was walking through the streets, the song as lovers go played on my ipod. For some reasonm, i got so immersed in the song that I was singing out loyd while walking through the rain, oblivious of the people around me...

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