Sunday, October 22, 2006


Haven't really blogged much regarding the 1st sem, quite ironic since it is really one of the more event-filled semesters in my college life. So here's a photoblog of some sorts to recap some of the more noteworhty events in the 1st sem.

Third year, it's really quite amazing to realize that I've already been in college for three years. I guess Time really flies so fast. Sabi nga ni Hans dun sa signature niya sa emails... "Juniors na pala tayo..."

For some reason, the school decided to change the orientation of the id, pretty ok though, although i gotta admit it was a bit weird during the first few days.
There was also the SPEED amazing race thing, well it was fun but honestly I can't really remember much about it, save for that it happened a few days before Pat's birthday and he treated some of the members to yellow cab.

The reason I mentioned this event was that I saw these pictures on the computer. It reminded me just how much a wannabe photographer I am. These pics were taken using RJ's digital SLR and well I really would want to have one of my own. I'm not really looking for a top of the line model I guess, something that would help me in my hobby of taking pictures.

One of the things that made the 1st sem quite busy was the marketing class that I had. In hindisight I guess it wasn't really that hard but the thing with that class it that it required a lot of work. And for someone like me who tends to procrastinate and then cram, that class was probably not the best one for me.

So here's a picture I took while doing a case paper for marketing. I was in Starbucks and I was getting frustrated with staring at my laptop without anything to write so I just took some pictures. The digital camera was very unreliable and was really no better than a cellphone camera but luckily a pretty neat image came out in this one shot. As I said I guess I'm a photographer wannabe.

I had my history 166 class during this sem. And 20 percent of the class grade there was the field trip activity. It was on a Sunday, and it was fun but parts of it were really quite frustrating. Some of the places were flat out boring and we even encountered some engine trouble on the way home.

However, there was a part in the trip which I really enjoyed and this was the one where we went to bluroze farms. The place was really cool, it seemed very close to nature, very relaxing I guess. It was also quite scenic and me being the photographer wannabe that I am tried to take some scenic shots hehe.

Of course I wouldn't want to be left out so I asked my friend to take a shot of me as well haha.

One of the more tense moments of the semester came with the marketing final defense. An hour to really try to defend what we had been working on for the entire sem. The grade that we got was a bit below par (unfortunately not in golf terms) but I really believe it was a pretty fun experience that we had.

After the defense, we were all elated I guess, that we went to Teriyaki Boy to celebrate freedom. It was pretty cool that nearly the whole block was there, even Khristian who was supposed to be in Macau was able to drop by :)

Well, before we left Vanjo was taking pictures using Kathy's digicam and I had this shot which i really like for some reason ahaha here goes :)

After the marketing defense, was well another defense, this time for CS. I believe that I performed way better in here than I did in the marketing defense probably because I was in my element. So here's a shoutout to my groupmates and to James who helped us even if he was busy as well.

I guess there were a lot more events that were not mentioned. The ACTM sports fest,SOM week, the IAC games, the moments with the groupmates, countless encounters and conversations and many more. They all brought something great to my experiece. So I guess thanks for that, Here's hoping for an even better 2nd Sem!

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