Sunday, October 29, 2006


I do remember during one of the Philosophy 101 classes earlier in the semester a discussion on what philosophy is. Many answers popped out of that discussion such as a method of thinking, a kind of organization of ideas, a perspective and a way of life. I think the discussion led to the class talking about the renowned philosophers as models for our own Philosophy. And while I was able to go through the Philo 101 class (hopefully i passed it) I still can't really put the thoughts in the writings of Fr. Ferriols, Parmenides, Heidegger, Marcel, Descartes, Plato, Luijpen or Tassi as a model for my own Philosophizing.

However, I do have one world renowned character who I believe could be a model for my philosophy.

Here's a sample of his thoughts (click images to enlarge):

Life in a nutshell I guess. In the words of a six year old kid and an imaginary tiger. Perhaps those philosophers mentioned above gave much sharper insights on life and living, with their deeper thoughts but I'd still pick Calvin over them anytime. I think Calvin is a pretty good example on how highfalutin words (like highfalutin) are not necessary in giving out good insights. Perhaps one of the reasons I had a difficult grasp of philosophy was the language that they used and Calvin and Hobbes really do give a good respite from all of that.

Life and Living?
Sophon and Abstraction Free Living?

If only I could get Mr. Strebel to teach us Philosophy classes in terms of Calvin and Hobbes...

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