Friday, February 27, 2004

Get your credit card cause I HAVE no money

I swear my wallet felt a little heavier this mornin... by the way the title came from an edited line from an Initial D soundtrack called Running in the 90's.

Came from Podium and Gale hehe what started as a simple Ice monster get together turned out to be a lot more... Hehe I had already tucked away P80 pesos just enough to buy my ice monster but then things change and i ended up spending more than I had initially planned. well there's the ice monster P80 then the counter strike fee P90 then the basketball games at toby's 90 add that to the school food that I ate P90 for a grand total of 350, luckily my classmate alden shouldered the dinner meal so I was able to save a whole lot of bucks. Call me a cheapskate but Im really on a limited budget so im gonna rant about it hahaha. Oh well I guess even if its quite costly, the fun things that happened during the "gimik" was something that money can't buy.

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