Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Yey! No classes tomorrow. That means I can relax and do fun stuff today.

So what to put in the blog? hmm ewan I played counterstrike a while ago hehe it's kinda fun to play it again after all this years. Makes me remember my first year-second year days when I was so damn addicted to it, that I literally opened the computer shop just to be able to play. Shucks memories again

Graduation from High school can do a lot of funny stuff to you. It can make you feel so young and so old at the same time. So young when think that you are now going to college, a new and very different life, but so Old once you think that you are about to end a great part of your life... Grr saturday night pa to eH! Naomi and company kasalanan niyo talaga to (and in a weird twist of fate, nagplay sa winamp ko yung Glee- HAnggang sa muli na sinend ni Naomi sa kin)!

Peace out...

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