Saturday, April 17, 2004

Status: Disconnecting to be online

Boring day again...

I didnt go online yesterday. I dont know sumthin just clicked in my head and said hey dont go online today (something bad will happen?) hehe and well i didnt. And i didnt really "miss" being online. It made me realize that though I am almost always online and use up so many hours chatting and surfing it is an empty activity for me. I mean it does consume time but that's all that it actually does, so far I havent really done anything useful or meaningful with it

Well obviously i connected to the net today, but I didnt connect to irc. I dunno, i guess i got quite tired with chatting since i have done it for some years already. But well, chatting has actually become somewhat a part of my life. It has been a refuge for my weary soul, a place for the latest infos on things that are actually happening in the "real world". It is also a way for me to meet some people and make new friends. Heck, one of the girls that I am very close to is someone that I havent even seen a person.

I guess i kinda like meeting people in Irc. IRc lets you interact with people but still gives you enough of a barrier so that you wont be too uncomfortable. Sometimes its a lot easier to open up to a complete stranger in chat, than to open up to a real friend. And Irc actually has a way for you to avoid the slip of the tongue since here there is a backspace button hehe. And I guess in Irc removes the discrimination against the appearance of people, here (well at least for me) as long as you can type your ok. Although sometimes the barrier itself can be a bad thing. It hides emotions and real motives of people but still what difference it is from the "plastic" people in the real world...

But on the telephone line I am anyone, I am anything I want to be
I can be a supermodel or Norman Mailer and you wouldn't know the difference But on the telephone line I am any height, I am any age I want to be
I can be a caped crusader, a space invader and you wouldnt know the difference or would you?

- Santa Monica by Savage Garden

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