Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tick, Tock

I was so bored that I actually looked at the clock and a watched time go by while listening to its rhytmical tick tock.

I noticed how slowly time goes by when you are bored. A second seemed like an hour during those moments. Then I remembered the moments when I was very happy, these moments when time seemed to go too fast. When I dont even notice that plenty of hours have passed. I guess time is not really measured by hours, minutes or even seconds. I guess time is measured by how much fun you had while a moment passed by. I guess (wow three guesses) it something like saying that the day was slow when you were doing nothing and that time flies when you are enjoying it.

I guess it's kinda weird, paradoxical even, that when I look at it now; the first three months of 2004 seemed to go too fast. But I remember during those days, when I was actually living on that timeframe when I said that the week was going too slow. Maybe it was too much schoolwork which made me quite burdened. then I realized that this moments should have been made special. I should have enjoyed these moments and lived them to the fullest.

Funny how the simple tick-tock of the clock can open up so many thoughts...

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