Saturday, April 03, 2004


Haven't blogged for some time now. I guess I kinda got busy or lazy or both.

As I said before Im already an Atenean but still I believe that La Salle spirit is still very alive inside of me. I guess the roots of being a La Sallian really goes down deep. I wont deny that Im having some second thoughts about the decision. hehe I guess a factor is the reality that there are a lot of chinitas in dlsu damn hehe. I guess a somewhat of a consolation would be the fact that the course that im taking up in Ateneo is filled with chinitas ahaha.

On a more serious side, My sister is sick. I guess it struck me since she was somewhat near death. To be honest I was fearing the worst. I guess I was already conditioning myself of her loss... And the guilt that comes with not being able to show her how much I really cared for her. Luckily She's getting a lil bit better everyday. I guess this is something like a lesson. At least now I know that I should show someone how much I really love him/her before its too late.

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