Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is a post done a few months back, I just found it typed up somewhere and realized I haven't uploaded it yet, so I guess this is a retro post or something.
The name of the Game is tetris.

I was fixing my room when I came across one of my gameboy consoles. I have nearly all the incarnations of it only missing out on the gameboy micro.

While I have a whole lot of games for it (most coming from the time my dad was still working in thailand) the one that was inserted into it was Tetris. So I booted it up, to just test if it still works but then I found myself strangely addicted to it again.

A Brick game. Nearly everybody knows the basic rules of the game. Fill up a straight line horizontally without any gaps to make it vanish and keep the blocks from reaching the top and filling up the screen. I found myself trying to find out how high I can get my score to be when I start from level 0 (so far 386,XXX). Admittedly I'm not a very good tetris player so that took me some time and a multitude of replays to reach.

Most people have this strategy wherin they build up a stack but leave a space at either of the ends to be able to wait for an I block (you know, the straight line) so that they can score a tetris. As I built up that stack, I kept waiting and waiting until I realized that the damned straight block wasn't gonna come anytime soon and I just had a tall and structure that wasn't gonna vanish easily.

I got a game over more than a few time because of this. And After a few plays I began to see a semblance of the game to my life (Yes, I am quite bored and have a lot of time and thinking on my hands).

I realized that sometimes I had to be contented with taking out a smaller section rather than the grandslam 4 lines. I began thinking that at some points in my life I was so enthralled with this single idea of what I want to be, or what I want to become that I keep on waiting and waiting only to realize in the end that it's not gonna come anytime soon. And I end up missing opportunities.

I guess being unemployed I can't shake that feeling that I may have missed some opportunities already, because I want to find that place where in I can find the job that I want and that wants to hire me as well.
While I still don't have a job as of now, I received a psp so I'm not into tetris now, hehe lumines is my new game.

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