Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today marked a lot of firsts in my life I guess...

First time that we had a free cut in philosophy. Sir Strebel didn't arrive within the 15 minute timeframe usually given as allowance for teachers before declaring that the class is already a free cut. Kinda cool since this was the first time in nearly 1 and a half semester that Sir just didn't show up.

Today was also the first time I participated in an IAC semifinal basketball game. We ended up losing by 12 (44-32) and I played the last 30 seconds of the 3rd quarter. Not that I'm complaining but well there went my dreams of being the Sasha Vujacic against Dallas for the day.

Firsts... While I was in the Gym, (well actually papunta sa beverage bar) may nasilayan akong isang familiar face... A face that I haven't seen since the day we broke up... kinda funny to meet her here though hehe in ateneo of all places, i do remember our time together when she avoided going here hehe changes i guess.

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