Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, I guess I can't really write about it in this blog but well today is the start of something.

That something would probably be understood by only two people. Me and Her. Although I'm not sure if we'd be prepared for it, but I hope we can make it.

From the song Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile:
"It's the beginning of the rest of our lives..."

Spent the day at home. Finals week in school but I didn't have any finals exam scheduled today I just stayed at home.

Was online for quite some time, hehe haven't done that ever since I ran out of the unlimited prepaid card (weird I ran out of unlimited how can you run out of something that is unlimited rarrr well anywayz). Just checked some sports sites and then downloaded some songs.

Then talked on the phone, i gues I spent some time on this as well. Kinda cool that even if I spend long hours on the phone talking to the same person everyday, I never get tired of doing it.
Then spent some time typing stuff. Then went online and saw a status message in ym. it goes (I'm not sure if this is copied word for word but something similar I guess):

"If things would change, I would still follow you..."

Yup, If things would change I would still follow her...

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