Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Woke up early to get a license hehe

I arrived in LTO around 8:00 but I didn't have the required drug and medical tests yet so I went to the area across LTO to get them. Hehe took some time since I wasn't able to urinate at that time ahaha.

Then waited until my number (82) was called for the submission of documents thingie until my name was called for the picture and signature and then waited again till they called me to pay 25 Pesos for the application fee thingie then waited till I was allowed to enter the review room. Took the test and waited for the result, was told to go to the practical testing area hehe. The practical test sucked, the jeep was so hard to handle that it was the examiner who did the shifting for me. After that I waited... I was waiting for about an hour when the lady suddenly said LUNCH BREAK! rarrrr!!!!

I decided to just go home first. I ate and then left as soon as I finished ahaha. Sayang sa pamasahe pero sige ok lang yan :P

As soon as I arrived in Lto my name was called hehe sakto! paid the license fee and then waited after about an hour of waiting my license was finally released ahaha yeah!


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